Amy Freeman, Real Estate Advisor

Amy’s that Thrive o’clock riser that’s always up before the sunrises to get the ball rolling. Amy is a creative genius in everything she does. You’ll find a bit of her personality to help create something beautiful and inspire fresh new ideas in every project. With a background in Graphic Marketing and as a current co-owner of Root Architecture and Development, Amy brings a unique perspective to the Real Estate and Development Market. Her experience in the design and development field allows her to provide insight on development opportunities and her creative eye helps to give vision to the potential of any new real estate project.

Amy has been involved in real estate transactions with her husband for 13 years from fix and flips, to new builds to multi-family developments. Amy is thrilled to combine her insights in development with the incredible service oriented Thrive Real Estate team.

On a side note Amy enjoys yoga, the arts, and the great outdoors with her husband and their two boys in the foot hills of Colorado. If she’s not working or being mom then she’s probably creating something with her hands or on her Yoga mat!

Favorite Quote: Be yourself no one can tell you your doing it wrong.